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NRM Investment Programs

13 Jul 2018


Natural Resources Investment Program 2018-2022

Queensland is investing more than $61 million between 2018 and 2022 to ensure the state’s natural land and water resources are sustainably managed. This includes dedicated funds for Great Barrier Reef catchments. The Natural Resources Investment Program funding acknowledges the important role that the natural resource management bodies and the community play in repairing and improving Queensland’s unique assets for future generations.

Cape York Natural Resource Management has secured $3.9M funding from the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy over five years. Subprograms include:

  1. Improving native vegetation and soil condition of grazing lands within the Joint Management Area
  2. Springvale Station West Normanby Distal Gully Demonstration Site, Normanby Basin
  3. Regional support for the paddock to reef program
  4. Cape York Regional Coordination and Evaluation

Projects funded by this investment

This project is funded by the 2019–22 Regional Evaluation and Coordination (RCE) component of the Queensland Government’s Natural Resources Investm

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