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And Action! Community Projects Underway

Water, seagrass and turtle monitoring, beach protection and cultural heritage management are among the exciting new community projects being rolled out on Cape York to safeguard the marine environment and Great Barrier Reef.


Human impacts a growing threat to Western Cape York endangered turtles

They are in constant danger from feral animals, but the impact of humans is becoming a growing concern for threatened turtle species as they nest in Western Cape York, an Indigenous Ranger forum heard yesterday in Cairns.    


Fire management experts focus on the Cape

Fire management experts focus on Cape York A who’s who of Far North fire management experts are in Cairns today and tomorrow to present the latest information, techniques and hands-on workshops at the 2021 Cape York Fire Forum.


Endangered status a concern for the Cape

Four Cape York animal species, including the beloved Palm Cockatoo, were moved to endangered and critically endangered status by the Queensland Government last week. 

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Citizen science indentifying threatened species on Cape York

Documentation of recorded sightings of the distribution of the ant plant (Myrmecodia beccarii) and southern cassowary, their habitat, and threats, will improve accurate data for these species on eastern Cape York. 

The QR code will take you directly to an online form to record your sightings. 

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