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Cape York NRM is staffed by a dedicated team.

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Latest News


2021 North Qld Threatened Species Symposium

Promoting greater collaboration and knowledge sharing to support the protection of north Queensland’s threatened species.


Fire management future for Cape York

Alex Debono, Cape York NRM’s Fire Coordinator, gave a presentation at the 2021 North Australia Fire Forum on the current activities and future direction of Cape York NRM’s fire management programs.


Lakeland growers meet with State Government

A new Environmentally Relevant Activity (ERA) standard for cropping and horticulture is being developed by the Queensland Government for the Great Barrier Reef catchment.


The final prize-winner is Ori Albert-Mitchell

The final prize-winner for submitting a Community & Stakeholders Survey was drawn on Wednesday 9 December, and the winner is Ori Albert-Mitchell from Cairns.

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Upcoming Events


2021 Cape York Grazing Forum

Laura Rodeo Grounds
18 May 2021 - 19 May 2021

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Arson Awareness

Cape York NRM has partnered with the Queensland Government, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Queensland Police, and Cape York Thoughtful travelling to raise awareness of the impacts of arson on Cape York and promote the responsible use of fire in the region.

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