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Cape York NRM is staffed by a dedicated team.

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The Cape's future is in your hands

You can help guide the future of the Cape! Where do your priorities lie?


2021 Cape York Grazing Forum

About 80 people attended the annual Forum, run by Cape York Natural Resource Management at the Laura Rodeo Grounds on 18 and 19 May.


Cultural awareness: a step in the right direction

Barry Hunter took Cape York NRM staff through the challenges of navigating relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Cape York.


Queensland Indigenous Women’s Ranger Network (QIWRN)

More than 50 Indigenous women Rangers from across Queensland gathered at the first Queensland Indigenous Women’s Ranger Network (QIWRN) event for 2021.

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Upcoming Events


Arson Awareness

Cape York NRM has partnered with the Queensland Government, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Queensland Police, and Cape York Thoughtful travelling to raise awareness of the impacts of arson on Cape York and promote the responsible use of fire in the region.

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