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Cape York NRM’s mission is to help people to work together to care for the natural environment and to promote the sustainable use of Cape York’s natural resources. As a member of Cape York NRM you can contribute to the direction of natural resource management on the Cape by:

  • Attending, and voting for Constitutional change at the Cape York NRM Annual General Meeting;
  • Voting in Director elections; and
  • If you are a Cape York resident and have held your membership for at least six months, you can nominate for a Board position

Our governance structure is sector-based, with representation across nine sectors: 

  • Indigenous Zone One, 
  • Indigenous Zone Two, 
  • Indigenous Zone Three, 
  • Indigenous Zone Four; 
  • Conservation; 
  • Primary Industries; 
  • Local Government; 
  • Community; and 
  • Tourism, Small Business, Mining and other Industries.

As well as opportunities to participate in Cape York NRM’s governance processes, members receive a Welcome Pack, our monthly eNewsletter, subscription to our Cape York NRM Newsroom, and a hard copy or electronic edition of our quarterly magazine, Cape York Healthy Country Newsletter.

Membership is completely free, and open to anyone with an interest in Cape York NRM and what we do on the Cape. Members are able to nominate as a general or supporting member. Supporting members are not eligible to vote in Director elections or at the Annual General Meeting.

Become a member

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Applicant Type
Membership Type
Must be a resident of Cape York Region as defined by the map contained in the Membership Application Form as published from time to time; Must be a Member of a Membership Sector, and so recorded in the Register of Members; Has a right to attend General Meetings and subject to Rule 118, vote at all meetings of Members of the Company; Has the right to stand and vote at an election for the Sector Directors of the Membership sector in which they are a Member.
Supporting Membership of the Company is open to non-resident applicants (individuals or organisations) with an interest in supporting the objects of the Company; A Supporting Member of the Company has the right to attend meetings of the Company; A Supporting Member does not have the right to vote at meetings of Members of the Company, or to vote at an election for a Sector Director of the Company.