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01 Jul 2018



Caring for cassowary, littoral rainforest and coastal vine thicket and ant plant country in Cape York

Project summary

This project will improve the trajectory of three RLP Investment priorities (2) threatened species and (1) threatened ecological community in Cape York. Coastal Littoral Rainforest, Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii) and Ant Plant (Myremecodia beccarii).

The knowledge of cassowary threat mitigation strategies will be increased and the connectivity and condition of priority habitat for the Southern Cassowary will be improved. The knowledge of Coastal Littoral Rainforest including traditional ecological knowledge will be increased and management actions to reduce threats to both Coastal Littoral Rainforest and ant plants where they intersect will be implemented.

The knowledge of ant plants will be increased and mapped using novel and innovative approaches. This landscape approach will ensure increased awareness of the threats to these species and ecological communities and how to manage them.

This project is supported by Cape York NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Project location