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Lockhart cassowary fire fact sheet

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The rainforest around Lockhart is special. People come from all over the world to see our glow in the dark snakes and Kutini. In all Australia there is nowhere else like it.

We have all seen our rainforest knocked down. It is strong and it can survive a cyclone, but it cannot survive fire. Grass and trees that live in it are used to fire and don’t mind it, they keep on growing strong. The rainforest isn’t like that. Fire will kill it.

Normally fire stops at the edge of the rainforest but this year it won’t. This year is different. It will take hundreds of years to come back from fire. The special animals that need it will start to disappear.

Fires that start on the beaches, around town, and along the roads can go a long way before they stop. It’s hard to see how far they go and how much they burn. Once they burn through the grasslands, they keep going into the forest and they burn Kutini’s home.