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News from South Cape York Catchments

On the 10th of June 2021, Conservation and Land Management (CALM) students from Cooktown State School headed to Melsonby to assist the Melsonby Rangers with maintenance for a path to the lookout overlooking Battle Camp range.

Melsonby Rangers plan to take visitors here in the future to share stories and connect with Country. The purpose of this project is to give CALM students an opportunity to not only meet the criteria for their Certificate in Conservation and Land Management, but to also give them an opportunity to connect with rangers and listen to stories about the importance of looking after country.

The students and rangers worked hard to complete this activity, and all worked well as a team, enjoying some laughs along the way.


On Monday 14th of June, Pando Harrigan officially started as a Normanby Ranger, and both SCYC and the Normanby Rangers are thrilled to have Pando onboard.

Here are a few words from Pando.

“I am privileged to join South Cape York Catchments and to come on board with my brothers, and the whole ranger team working back on Country. To be on country with my family, and looking after our cultural heritage, working both as a ranger and as a tour guide means I can now fulfil my obligations and responsibilities as a cultural custodian on these lands, sharing stories from our grandfathers and our own upbringing on Country.”


Jason and I took a trip out to visit the Laura Ranger team.

I got talking to a senior ranger, Christine Musgrave, and I learned her father was the late Dr. George Musgrave, and so Christine invited me to visit the cemetery so we could pay our respects to the old people, and what an honour this was.

Back at the ranger base, we got to catch up on their projects and yarn about different things happening on Country.

The team has been busy designing art pieces for their sculpture (competition) which will be placed at the Gateway to the Cape in Lakeland.

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