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Q&A with peer to peer network facilitators

Cape York NRM and Terrain NRM Enhanced Extension Coordination in Reef Catchments project aims to change land management practice in order to improve the water quality of the northern Great Barrier Reef.

Part of the project involves establishing facilitated Peer to Peer producer groups to help foster inter-community learning, initiate on – farm projects, participate in workshops and Field Days, and develop a network of relationships which seed beneficial practice change.
So far three groups have been established, one in the Cooktown area and two in the Atherton Tablelands.
The Peer to Peer groups are making a big difference to local farming communities and Cape York Healthy Country Newsletter caught up with facilitators Kasmin, Louise and Trevor to learn more about their networks.

Download the newsletter to read three individual Q&As with facilitators Trevor Meldrum—Endeavour River Productivity Network, Louise Gavin—Beef and Dairy Farmers Network, and Kasmin Brotherton—Tablelands Young Grazing Network. 

This initiative is funded by the Queensland Government Reef Water Quality Program and delivered by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries with partner organisations Cape York NRM and Terrain NRM

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