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Fire and feral animal management on Cape York

The Healthy Farming Futures (HFF) program has seen the completion of the 2021 coordinated aerial burning program, and the feral animal control program.

Staff, Andrew and Nat, have visited properties across the Holroyd Plain region, undertaking property planning, discussing project opportunities, updating mapping, and checking in on what’s happening on-ground.

In June and July, the HFF program supported the Cape York coordinated early season burning program, covering 23 properties from as far north as Wolverton Station, to Bonny Glen, south of Cooktown.

In October the HFF project team partnered with property owners to conduct a coordinated feral animal control program which covered eleven properties in Cape York’s western draining catchments.

Business workshops, land condition monitoring, soil and erosion control workshops, and Cape York’s annual Grazing Forum are all in the pipeline for the coming year of the Program, so keep an eye out for opportunities to get involved.

If you have any workshop or training suggestions, please contact Nat at or 0419 655 780

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