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Cape York NRM’s new CEO will come on board on Monday 13 August 2018

The Chair of Cape York Natural Resource Management, Emma Jackson, takes pleasure in announcing that the Board of Directors has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer.

Mr John Gavin will commence working in the role of CEO with Cape York NRM on Monday 13 August 2018.


Lakeland horticulture producers are improving water quality that exits their farms by understanding the variation in soil composition, and continuing to improve farm management practices.

On 17 May this year, Cape York NRM held its agriculture meeting with Lakeland producers. Land managers from six properties attended the event to listen to a presentation about the results of recent soil mapping on their properties, plus a presentation on catchment modelling.

Alloteropsis semialata 
Cape York NRM and the Australian Tropical Herbarium are pleased to bring you Grasses of Cape York, a series of fact sheets about grasses found on Cape York. A page is in development on the Cape York NRM website will which will display detailed information and downloadable fact sheets at 

The Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance (WCTTAA) has recently conducted trials to explore the potential use of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), or drones, for turtle monitoring activities. The NPARC/ Apudthama Rangers participated in the trials in June 2018 on Apudthama Country where marine turtles can nest all year round.

Story + Photos by Barry Lyon

Technical and onground training is being provided to land managers on Cape York to assist with improved water quality outcomes.

Cape York Natural Resource management is providing a range of training options for Indigenous and other land managers on Cape York under funding provided by the Queensland Government. A fire management workshop hosted by Cape York NRM and The Nature Conservancy in December 2016 highlighted the need for improved fire management capacity, including training of land managers.

Baiting products containing regulated poisons

Recent amendments have been made to Queensland Health’s application process to obtain and use baiting products containing regulated poisons ie: strychnine, fluoroacetic acid (1080) and 4-aminopropriophenone (PAPP). There is no change to coordinated baiting programs provided by Local Governments.

There are eight key amendments — documents can be found on the website at

Story + Photos by Waratah Nicholls

The Gateway to the Cape, planned for a Lakeland site, is one step further to seeing it become a reality thanks to the full support of Cook Shire Council and a RADF funded sculpture workshop which was held on the weekend of 14-15 July 2018.

Cook Shire Council has submitted an Expression of Interest to ‘Building Our Regions’ to develop the Gateway to the Cape. The proposed development will consist of a BBQ area, a sculpture park, and a building containing information about Cape York Peninsula.

Welcome to another interesting update from the Board of Directors, and a fabulously constructed newsletter updating all on key Cape York NRM-related news, stories, projects and partnerships

Your Board recently met in Mapoon for its second meeting this year. Director Pauline Smith welcomed us to the beautiful Western Cape area and took us on a personal tour, sharing some of its history, sights and wisdom. The Directors engaged in a solid meeting and the core theme from the discussions was very much about the ‘people’.