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Update From the Directors

Welcome to another interesting update from the Board of Directors, and a fabulously constructed newsletter updating all on key Cape York NRM-related news, stories, projects and partnerships

Your Board recently met in Mapoon for its second meeting this year. Director Pauline Smith welcomed us to the beautiful Western Cape area and took us on a personal tour, sharing some of its history, sights and wisdom. The Directors engaged in a solid meeting and the core theme from the discussions was very much about the ‘people’.

We had an informal chat about the organisation and how would we like it to be recognised, with all Directors hoping others see this organisation as ‘the mob who works with others’. The Board sees all the work that our energetic staff gets up to, and the outcomes from projects, and is starting to give thought to ‘how do we become recognised for that?’.

We have teams who are out there with local communities and various landholders, and this is where our strengths lie. We learn from everyone we work with, and we share science and ideas together. We share what does work and we learn more about what does not work.

We recently held a Grazing Forum in Laura - My Produce, Your Plate, Our Future - in partnership with AgForce, where we saw many graziers and landholders come together.

We had special guests and presenters, plus local support from relevant agencies and groups. Following that we hosted the Gully Mitigation Forum. This forum focused on the work on southern Cape York properties such as Crocodile and Normanby Stations. Both these events brought together like-minded and interested people sharing science and theories.

Enjoy this newsletter and many more stories from across the region. The newsletter theme focuses on soils and, interestingly enough, the more we learn about soils the more we realise that without healthy soils and resilient landscapes that nurture and compliment the soils, the harder the impact is on us all—living on and from the land.

Cape York NRM Board of Directors meet several times throughout the year. The Board's most recent meeting was held in Mapoon in June.

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