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NPARC/Apudthama Land and Sea Ranger Program

The Land and Sea Ranger Programme operates through the Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council and is jointly run with custodians of the land, The Apudthama Land Trust. The Ranger program manages local natural resources over approximately 250,000 Ha of land, including 300km of coastline which spans both the east and west coasts of Cape York Peninsula. The rangers are an important part of the community and provide a vital service not only in managing country but also in the intergenerational transfer of knowledge and skills from Elders to their young people. 

As managers of beaches that include the world's largest flatback turtle rookery, the NPARC/Apudthama Rangers conduct an intensive turtle nest monitoring program each dry season. This monitoring is part of a larger project that aims to study the breeding biology, habitat utilisation, diets and health of flatback turtles originating from Jardine River beach and Crab Island, in the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) region, Queensland. 

The Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers are one of the founding members of the Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance and play a key role in reducing threats to vulnerable and endangered marine turtles nesting on the west coast of Cape York Peninsula. The Rangers are also responsible for managing Crab Island, a globally significant rookery for the endemic flatback turtle. 


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