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Kowanyama Aboriginal Land and Natural Resource Management Office

Since its inception in 1991, Kowanyama Aboriginal Land and Natural Resources Management Office (KALNRMO) has operated on a charter to promote and facilitate Aboriginal management of the natural and cultural resources of Kowanyama land and sea country, by the people of Kowanyama.

Through community consultation and direction, KALNRMO has developed a community development agenda for the Kowanyama region, including:

  1. Homelands development
  2. Fisheries management
  3. Land management including weeds and feral animal control
  4. Tourism and visitor management
  5. Kowanyama Ranger Service
  6. Native Title interests
  7. Cultural resource documentation

Kowanyama Rangers (working through KALNRMO) implement land management strategies in many areas of the Deed of Grant in Trust (DOGIT), and, in addition to tourism and visitor management,  patrol closed and open waters.

The Rangers also observe and enforce fisheries regulations, especially for illegal commercial or recreational fishing in closed waters.

KALNRMO joined the Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance in early 2015, just  as they began to develop their turtle monitoring and protection program. Involvement in the Alliance will support the Kowanyama Rangers in the  reduction of threats to vulnerable and endangered marine turtles nesting on the west coast of Cape York Peninsula. 


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