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28 Oct 2015



Mitchell River Fan Aggregation: Hymenachne amplexicaulis Eradication at Kokoberra Swamp

Project summary

The objective is to eradicate Hymenachne to prevent its spread by birds, cattle, pigs and floods to adjacent and downstream Wetlands of National Significance, (cattle exclusion fence) and managed for weeds for the next ten years as part of the KALRNMO Weed Management Program.

The Hymenachne area at Kokoberra Swamp will be quarantined by installing 

  • Cattle exclusion  fences of the 250  site 
  • The open wetland area will be sprayed with herbicide (glyphosate or haloxyfop) via helicopter three times each year during the dry season only. The area will not be sprayed during Magpie Geese nesting or feeding periods (December to June).
  • Adjacent riparian wetland areas with spot outbreaks of Hymenachne will be sprayed by Kowanyama Rangers with truck mounted ‘quick-spray’ herbicide units.
  • Once Hymenachne is controlled, the area we will attempt to be reseeded with appropriate native species (rice grass, nymphaea spp.).
  • This project is part of a bigger strategic weed management program by KALNRMO and Kowanyama Rangers. It is anticipated that Hymenachne could be controlled in 3 years
  • This project will be monitored quarterly for the next ten years by the KALNRMO Weed Management Program using photo monitoring points and GPS surveys of weed extent, contraction and spread.

This monitoring will be used to target ongoing treatment, eradication efforts and project success, as well as adaptive management to effectively achieve eradication goals. 

Project location

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