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Tropical climate The Cape York region is situated at the northern tip of Queensland in a tropical climatic zone where summers are wet and winters are comparatively dry (Bureau of Meteorology 1989). Coastal climatic effects are pronounced in this region as it is bordered by the Gulf of Carpentaria to the west and the Coral Sea to the east.Average temperatureSummers are hot with maximum temperatures around 33-36ºC in January. The coolest temperatures are experienced along the coast and to the east (Colls & Whitaker 1990).

Words Juliana Foxlee | Photo James Donaldson

Cape York NRM is partnering with Northern Gulf Resource Management Group to facilitate opportunities for Australian Indigenous people to showcase and share their cultural fire knowledge, establish a network of Indigenous fire practitioners and protect the habitat of threatened species.

In May, Northern Gulf RMG coordinated an on- country fire workshop at Talaroo Station in the northern Gulf area. The three - day event was hosted by the Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation.

Cape York NRM have installed the last of three internet – enabled weather stations in Lakeland in order to provide the local producers with more reliable weather information to help them make important decisions around nutrient and water use.

Regional Extension Coordinator Oliver McConnachie, who is leading the initiative, said gathering weather information accurately at the local level and integrating it with Bureau of Meteorology data will lead to more reliable weather predictions.