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08 Nov 2016



Support for Violet Vale Station Wetlands Feral Cattle Muster

Project summary

Violet Vale Station contains 1,896 hectares of wetlands that are listed as wetlands of National significance in the Department of Environment’s Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia and shares a border with Lakefield National Park so management or otherwise of the Violet Vale wetlands has the potential to impact on the National Park.

The most significant threat to the wetlands in the project area is the presence of uncontrolled cattle, both feral and domestic. It was initially estimated that there are approximately 1000 head of feral cattle on Violet Vale. During the Dry, the majority of these cattle migrate to the project area as the wetlands in other parts of the property dry up.

A successful project was undertaken in 2015 enclosing an area of approximately 22,000 acres with nearly 40 km’s of three-strand cattle-proof fence line. A wetland survey was also undertaken to provide baseline data on the state of the wetlands.

This project will see a muster carried out of these wetland areas with an estimate to catch 100 head of feral cattle and thus reduce impacts on these important wetlands.

Project location

Data and Resources


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