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01 May 2015



Cape Create - Transforming Trash LitterED Environmental Arts Project

Project summary

Litter and illegal dumping are the most visible indicators of pollution in our environment. The waste from littering and illegal dumping can be present in all environments and affects most aspects of life and society. It adversely influences economic productivity, reduces aesthetic values and diminishes environmental values (e.g. driving biodiversity losses). 

Art has been used as an effective way to increase public participation and awareness of the problems of litter and illegal dumping by showcasing it in an educational yet judgment-neutral manner across a diverse stakeholder base, helping individuals to become motivated to contribute to solutions without assigning blame to other segments of the community. There is a growing body of art work being used to educate and raise awareness about the effects of littering and illegal dumping, particularly in the marine environment.

Cape Create – Transforming Trash LitterEd Environmental Arts project will create art works and sculptures using recycled rubbish in an educational awareness program designed for major events and schools in areas where illegal dumping or littering are particularly evident on Cape York. Once this Program is designed and implemented we envision that it can be rolled out in other regions. Culminating in a Showcase of selected recycled art works at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair in 2017. 

 A Cape York NRM & Umi Arts initiative supported by the Queensland Government's Litter and Illegal Dumping Community and Industry Partnerships Program.

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