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Changing littering behaviour through arts program


‘Make a difference, make a start, transform your trash in to art with the Cape Create Crew at the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival’.

Transforming Trash LitterED Environmental Arts Project has entered its third year of operations with gusto, once again delivering the Litter-Ed program at schools and events across Cape York.

The program, which is delivered by the Cape Create Crew, promotes environmental awareness, educating people about the effects of rubbish, particularly plastics, in our environment.

The program has been delivered in May to Lakeland and Laura State Schools, and the Lama Lama Junior Rangers at Port Stewart.

Melanie Cranney, Principal Lakeland State School said the program provided a wonderful opportunity to explore recycling in a fun and creative way.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the program and we will all be rethinking the plastic in our lives” Ms Cranney said.

The Cape Create Crew travelled to Port Stewart in early May to work with the Lama Lama Junior Rangers.

Cape Create Crew’s Waratah Nicholls said the young rangers had lots of fun making things out of rubbish and painting T-Shirts.

“We talked up caring for our environment through disposing of rubbish responsibly and shared ideas about recycling and reducing plastics in our lives. We also created a public art sculpture out of rubbish, of the endangered Little Tern to raise awareness of its plight” Ms Nicholls said.

The sculpture is now installed at the Community Centre at Port Stewart.

Cape Create Crew is now preparing for a big show at Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival.

Cape Create Crew’s Andrea Gower said festival goers are invited to come along and have some creative fun with the Cape Create Crew.

“We will be teaching some valuable but simple things you can do to help our environment. All are welcome to join in to make something out of recycled rubbish or help with the making of an innovative recycled art sculpture” Andrea said.

“Our vision is to improve social, emotional and environmental wellbeing across Cape York, through environmental awareness, education, promotion and collaboration, by linking environment, arts and culture - and we are doing just that” she said.

The Cape Create Crew will hold a Transforming Trash Litter Ed Creative Stall at Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival on 30 June, 1-2 July. All festival goers are welcome.

The Cape Create Crew is supported by Cape York Natural Resource Management, in partnership with Umi Arts, for creative environmental education and engagement. The Cape Create Transforming Trash LitterED Environmental Arts Project was supported by Queensland Government's Litter and Illegal Dumping Community and Industry Partnerships Program, Cape York NRM and UMI Arts.

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