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About the NRM Plan

What is an NRM Plan?

A natural resource management plan guides the efficient placement of land use activities. It provides information and access to tools to effectively and sustainably manage desired land uses. 

The Cape York NRM plan showcases the planning and management activities of this region, its people and its ecosystems. Building a robust planning process requires long-term, coordinated and collaborative effort with people involved in managing the land and those people supporting land managers inside and outside the region. The Cape York NRM Plan is continually updated through a Planning By Doing method. This prioritises on-ground activity and builds in continuous monitoring as a way to ensure adaptive and effective long-term management strategies.

Importantly, this approach and NRM plan is driven by Cape York community voices and on-ground projects happening in Cape York. The process is always adapting to better suit the real-world needs of the people and ecosystems of this country.

How can it help you?

People plan for many reasons. This NRM plan has the purpose of supporting people to change and improve land uses for the benefit of people and the environment. It can assist with monitoring the success of actions as people journey on the pathways to achieve the NRM targets. 

The Cape York NRM Plan is situated within a broader Atlas which provides opportunities for accessing, communicating, collecting, enhancing and sharing knowledge useful to planning and doing on-ground actions.