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Update from the Directors

Cape York is one of the only places in the country that is able to isolate as a region. While this is a valuable situation for our residents, it brings with it many challenges for our teams to continue to deliver on projects.

Crisis brings creativity, and our team is working hard to service the Cape through NRM activities as much as possible, without physically getting out and about.

Your Board believes this is not a time to put business on hold, but a time to progress by adapting to modified delivery methods and outcomes. We feel for our crew, and our partners, and the challenges they are currently facing. Every one of us cares deeply about the Cape and the importance of delivering on projects together.

For us, our priority is looking after our people within the organisation and being kind to the needs of everyone. Our staff are rising to the challenges that the restrictions have brought, and offering whatever help they can to those in Cape York, without being here physically. We are also negotiating with investors to make sure most projects carry on post COVID-19.

2020 marks the 10-year birthday of this organisation with plans for celebrations altering somewhat. Who said that we must celebrate the commencement of an organisation at the ten-year mark? Who decided that we celebrate in a traditional way? We are working on it and adapting the plans, just as many of you also have to with your own celebrations.

Our methods of communication and connection within the organisation have changed, our priorities have changed and our outcomes will change, but your Board is still continuing with governance expectations, our CEO, John, is leading this whole organisation with improved collaboration, communication, a calmness and a compassionate approach towards his staff, our partners and broader community.

Natural resource management still needs you to play your role. Continue with your fire management planning, weed spraying, feral animal control and repairs to property infrastructure.

Although much of the world outside of Cape York may be very much brought to a halt, the landscape does not understand this expectation. We still need to do our bit.

Stay healthy and stay safe. The Board commends the whole of Cape York and the communities for supporting the importance of protecting this region.

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