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Update from the Directors

You have looked through this fantastic newsletter and caught up and what we are doing out on the ground and a little behind the scenes. You will have also seen that we are asking our Membership to support a new Constitution.

This is an opportunity for us, as Directors, to explain a little about how we see the Constitution in a very simple way. Many people across Cape York are a partner in a business, a sole trader or perhaps an employee, or volunteer. We have some governance structures across the region, but for many of our Members, it is quite unfamiliar territory.

The Constitution is our document providing the ‘rules’ with supporting policies acting as our ‘guidance’ for the organisation. We have a governance structure, which means a Board of Directors comes together to make decisions around the direction of Cape York NRM, providing oversight, strategic planning, decision-making and financial planning. The Board appoints the CEO who is then delegated to oversee all operational matters.

The Constitution is the ‘go-to’ document, containing the principles and ‘laws’ for the Board to follow. The Membership approves this document and the Membership appoints the Board of Directors.

The Constitution that was developed back in 2010 was written for the ‘then’ structure and business model, which was designed to suit the Membership, but also State and Federal Government funding models. The funding streams have changed, Cape York has changed and so have we.

We, as a Board, have found our hands are tied with some opportunities, and decisions are made for us because of the rigidity to the current Constitution. The new Constitution offers a little flexibility so that the Membership has the opportunity to consider more broadly the make-up of the Board.

We have a Selection Committee established, with an Independent Chair of this committee. They make recommendations to the Board and Membership around preferred Director nominees and consider the current Board and the diversity of Cape York. The Board needs to have a design that enables a level of diversity that mirrors the region with males and females, younger and more experienced, Indigenous and non-Indigenous plus a variety of skills, knowledge and experience.

Any Member who becomes a Board Director has a huge legal responsibility, with an opportunity to learn, contribute and share their personal Cape York wisdom. It is exciting, fun, and a wonderful experience.

The Constitution really is an opportunity for us to improve how we function as a Board and will therefore improve the whole organisation’s functionality, approach and delivery.

Thank you for supporting us and please reach out if you are considering becoming a Board Director.

Warm regards Emma Jackson

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