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Update from the Directors

Following a quite considerable wet season, this year’s cooler dry season lasted longer than usual; landholders and some communities still dealing with the effects of Cyclone Trevor.

Land managers actively work to minimise the impacts of late-season wildfire by implementing various fire management practices such as conducting early season burns.

A number of property owners and land managers have already been affected by wildfires that started through no fault of their own.

Fires can be accidental or a result of natural weather phenomena. Unfortunately, arson also plays a significant role in the Cape York fire season.

The results of Cape York NRM’s recent director elections means that the members of the organisation’s Board of Directors has remained unchanged.

The Board is now able to continue to work on the strategic direction of the organisation.  Succession and continuity are important to us, as well as ensuring that as much investment as possible reaches the ground.

The Board of Directors met in early March for a teleconference and have since held two face-to-face meetings.

We caught up on business, projects, funding and had some solid discussions around the future direction of the organisation and how we can improve our engagement with the broader community.

We are a Board of Directors who look through a very diverse lens, bringing knowledge, skills and suggestions to the table from a variety of background.

Although key themes for funding and projects are determined by the State and Commonwealth Governments, we do have some flexibility with how those projects are delivered.

Our staff are out in the field chatting to members throughout the year, coordinating workshops, and engaging at forums and functions to pull that information together.

Staff liaise with the Board and, with careful thought, assemble all the information into key priorities for Cape York.

We hope you have a great season ahead and the storms soon begin to bring that much needed rainfall.

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