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Update from the Directors

Words Director Emma Jackson

It’s been a full program for the Board and staff in the first half of the year, with loads more to come over the ensuing months.

The teams have kicked off the dry season hard, continuing with projects from soil to gully remediation, from fire to water, and weeds to pests. Updates on many of the successes and challenges are in the newsletter, but what about the Directors? What have we been up to behind the scenes?

Community Director Trevor Meldrum has been busy on the southern lands in his field of weeds and pests, working with community and working closely with Director Rosendale.

Our Local Government Director Desmond Tayley has been busy meeting with Cape leaders and jet- setting around the globe accumulating an array
of innovative ideas and practices to bring back to our region. The Board recently visited his local lands of Wujal Wujal where his Council shared with us their aspirations and designs for upgrades and improvements. We were fascinated by their vision and attitudes, not only in Council but out in the community.

Director Gray recently hosted the Erosion Control Workshop with Darryl Hill at Piccaninny Plains. The workshop provided patrons with demonstrations on how to maintain and repair station tracks, fence- lines, firebreaks, washouts and gullies.

Artemis Station and Old Maitland also played host to these workshops. It was wonderful to see a practical workshop being hosted across Cape York in different locations, and the feedback from attendees has been extremely positive.

It would be great to hear more about what you would like to see and learn through practical workshops in NRM.

Director Smith has been busy in Mapoon and attending meetings and training down in Cairns, whilst Director Charlton, our Director for the Small Business, Mining and Tourism sector, is busy catching up on what is happening around the Cape and in the very far north.

Business is gets busy for Cape York each year from the April school holidays onward until the wet season returns.

Your Chair has been quite active in the world of NRM, liaising with many of you following Cyclone Trevor, checking out the fantastic 2019 Cape York Grazing Forum in Laura, attending many meetings to encourage action and investment in NRM for our region, as well as working on stronger links and relationships with partners.

Seeing the Containers for Change scheme grand opening in Weipa was a privilege, and watching more and more residents and businesses jump on board with their recycling and reusing is fantastic.

Our next Board meeting will be held on 29–30 August in Coen and we invite our local friends and partners to meet with us while we are there. If
you are about then, we look forward to seeing you. Otherwise, stay well and good luck with the season ahead.