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2019 Cape York Indigenous Fire Workshop

Words and photo Robyn May

‘Manage landscape and all species benefit’ was just one of the many positive comments made during the feedback session following the 2019 Cape York Indigenous Fire Workshop.

This year’s workshop was held in July at Mary Valley and coincided with the school holidays, so lots
of kids were able to attend and learn an array of traditional fire and land management techniques while spending time on Country. This is critical as these children are the land and sea managers of the future.

Fire is a key threatening process for many endangered and vulnerable species.

Getting fire management right is crucial for maintaining and improving the condition of vegetation communities upon which these species rely—this is why improving fire management is a key component of all our regional land partnership programs.

These workshops are helping to support the building of an Indigenous Fire Network across Cape York, Northern Gulf and Terrain natural resource management regions.

This project is supported by Cape York NRM through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program