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Water quality benefits of gully remediation

Words: Will Higham  Photo: Cape York NRM

Cape York NRM is continuing to monitor the water quality benefits of gully remediation at Crocodile Station.

In late 2016 two High Lift KP event samplers (water quality monitoring equipment - see pictures) were installed at Crocodile Station; one situated downstream from gully remediation works, the other situated downstream of an untreated gully.

The aim of this monitoring is to demonstrate benefits of the project by detecting the difference in sediment concentrations between treated and untreated gullies. Some monitoring data was gathered in the 2016/17 wet season, however the results were hampered as a result of the sampler switches being buried in mobile sediment and debris.

In preparation for the 2017/18 wet season the two High Lift KP event samplers were cleaned, serviced, recharged and repositioned to better locations. These samplers will collect a composite sample during long rainfall events.

During a runoff event, 25ml of water is pumped from the stream channel into the sample bottle every 30 minutes. The sample bottles can hold about 1.5 litres which allows for 24 hours of continuous sampling during heavy rainfall.

Several samples have been collected throughout the wet season in early 2018. The results of these samples will be presented in the coming months.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government Department of Natural 

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