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Update from the Directors

The wet season is approaching an end and this year it has been far superior than last year’s for many across our region. It has also been much hotter, so what that means for the dry season ahead we will have to wait and see.

The rainy days didn’t prevent your Board from travelling. Directors attended governance training in February with Northern Gulf RMG and Terrain NRM. We can apply this training to other committees, Land Trusts, Local Government or not-for-profit community groups we sit on - another example of how Cape York NRM builds the capacity of people for the broader needs of Cape York.

Corporate Nature was officially launched in February with a celebration that coincided with the Cairns office opening and the governance training. Corporate Nature is a joint venture established to carry out corporate services for Cape York NRM, Terrain NRM and Northern Gulf RMG. In our first three months we have already saved $7000 which can be redirected to project delivery in each of our regions.

Our CEO, Bob Frazer, is retiring in April after almost eight years. The Directors feel privileged to have held onto Bob for this long and no doubt we will be practising a little lassoing on Bob in the future. We are sad to see Bob go, but also very pleased for him. While the new CEO will have big shoes to fill, an exciting time lies ahead for Cape York NRM and our partners - with submissions underway for the next four-five years of State and Federal funding programs.

The Board of Directors will next meet in June in beautiful Mapoon – hosted by Director Pauline Smith. We look forward to meeting the Mapoon community, and seeing the great work being carried out by the Rangers and the community.

2018 is the International Year of the Reef. There are many projects being delivered on Cape York which help improve the condition of the reef and water quality on Cape York. We all have a responsibility to the environment, including the coast and ocean. This issue highlights some of this work – ENJOY!

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