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Ranger Youth Forum - December 2017

Words: Jason Carroll | Photo: provided by South Cape York Catchments

Set in the hills of beautiful Kuku Yalanji country at the Jabalbina Ranger base, almost thirty participants explored the rugged, unforgiving terrain of young minds. The one-day forum held in December 2017 was facilitated by David and Emily Kamoltz. Its purpose was to raise the capacity of how people engage children and adolescents in Landcare and Ranger programs.

Participants, including youth workers, Rangers and project managers, were put through their paces in this very non-traditional style workshop. Through storytelling, hands-on activities, discussion, team work and challenges, each participant walked away with tools and techniques on how to engage young people.

“Working with kids and teenagers can be extremely powerful and rewarding but it can be quite challenging. When people who work with youth utilise their own strengths - knowing how to challenge students in a safe setting - then everyone is more likely to be effectively engaged,” said David Kamoltz, who is the School Chaplain for the South Cape York School Cluster.

Throughout the day participants compiled the following information:

  • their personal strengths as facilitators
  • what resources each Ranger or Youth Worker had available
  • the obstacles to meaningful engagement, and
  • resources needed to create meaningful experiences.

This information has been documented to create a resource for use by all those who work with young people and the environment.

The Forum energised and inspired all participants on how they can work with young people.

“I have worked with young people on and off throughout my NRM career, but Chappy (David Kamoltz) really opened my eyes to new ways to really make it a lot more meaningful. It was one of those amazing days where you really get something valuable that you can put into use straight away” said Jason Carroll of South Cape York Catchments.

Thank you to all who participated - it was a highly successful day. Thanks to Queensland Land and Water Carers for funding the event and to the Jabalbina Rangers for hosting. Many thanks go to David and Emily Kamoltz, who developed and facilitated the forum.

Please email if you would like more information about this forum or resources that were created from it.

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