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Corporate Nature launched

Words and photo: provided by Corporate Nature

Corporate Nature, the NGO established by Cape York NRM, Terrain NRM and Northern Gulf RMG to deliver corporate support to the three regions, held its first board meeting on 2 January 2018.

Corporate Nature’s General Manager, Michelle Nusse said that the three regions have worked tirelessly to pull together this new entity so that each NRM regional group can focus on on-ground project delivery, whilst centralising back-room services.

“The collaboration demonstrates consistency, effectiveness and efficiencies across the north. Through drive and determination between three very different cultural, environmental and industry-specific regions - we have been able to harmonise policies and shared services.

“All three regions have amazing teams of staff, directors and other partnerships. On the ground in each region, partners should notice very little change” Michelle said.

“We are all looking forward to the future” she said.

Carlie Irons and Michelle Hamilton continue to be the admin and finance contacts for Cape York NRM.

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