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Plant Identification Short Course

06 Feb 2023 - 09 Feb 2023

Join Cape York NRM for a three-day FREE course to learn how to examine and identify local plants.

Day One

  • Introduction and course overview
  • Introduction to plant morphology and terminology
  • Visit to native vegetation for hands-on review of course content
  • Practice identifying specimens using the Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants Identification System (the "Rainforest key")

Day Two

  • Revision of yesterday’s material
  • Continue to develop knowledge of the Rainforest Key
  • Demonstrate how to prepare and write-up plant specimens for pressing
  • Visit native vegetation, collect specimens for identification

Day Three (optional)

  • Review important rainforest plant families of the Cooktown area
  • In the field, discuss methods for identification of eucalypts and wattles, introduce the "Lucid Keys" to these groups
  • Open book test

This project is supported by Cape York NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Event updates

Plant ID course

Setting a course for plant knowledge


27 Feb 2023

From plant structure and correct terminology to learning about the features of leaves, bark, fruit and flowers; a three-day plant identification course hosted by Cape York NRM provided new insights into the flora on Cape York Peninsula.

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To register, contact James Dobson on 0407 173 882 or


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