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12 Sep 2017



Working with land managers to reduce the economic and environmental impacts of high priority weeds

Project summary

This project will deliver priority feral pest and weed management activities with Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals Inc will coordinating delivery of this project. The project which will address priority weed and pest animal management in rural areas where they have a significant economic and/or environmental impact. In many cases landholders will make significant cash and/or in kind contributions to the project.

• Sub project 1- Comprehensive long term planning processes undertaken (property level weed surveys, mapping, and development of best practice control programs) and mentoring and support provided for implementation of best practice property level programs.

• Sub project 2- Agricultural Chemical Distribution Control (ACDC) training courses delivery

• Sub project 3- Surveying and control of pond apple

Outcomes of the project will include:

  • Improved landholder knowledge, capability and skills which along with property pest and weed management planning will provide the foundations for long term continuation of effective management of pest animals and weeds for reduced economic and environmental impact.
  • A practical contribution to a coordinated approach to biosecurity management on Cape York. 
  • The prevention of emerging weeds and pest animals becoming established in the Region.
  • Creation of an additional employment and training opportunities for one local Indigenous person on a part-time (seasonal) basis.

Project location

Data and Resources


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