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06 May 2013



Wolverton Environmental Action Project

Project summary

This project was a joint collaboration, initiated by Nyacha Kumopinta Aboriginal Corporation, Wolverton Station and the relevant TO’s within this area whose desires were to see viable, robust and mutually beneficial relationships; working to achieve practical outcomes whilst delivering significant environmental and social benefits. This project had the capacity to work to strengthen positive interactions between pastoralists and Traditional Owners building on meaningful, sustainable relationships. Through participatory planning practices, and in collaboration, priority areas of high feral populations and invasive weeds were identified, access to these areas was a focus and of significance to the project. 

Indigenous Reference Groups (IRG’s) were fundamental to the success of this project due to the nature of addressing “who speaks for where”, along with the IRG’s working model of strong collaborative relationships, this project was the catalyst of repatriating robust working relations between all stakeholders.This grant completed activities in Phase 1 of the Coen Collaboration Land Management Project.

Project outcomes:
Neighbouring Nyumpul and Upan ritual clans and Pastoral properties working together under an environmental and commercial cooperation agreement. Real joint management in action between Nyumpul and Upan ritual Clans and National Parks

Project location

Data and Resources


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