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05 Jun 2017



Support for targeted vertebrate pest program-Mapoon at Skardon Beach

Project summary

This project is important to lower the predation rate of >90% by feral pigs and to protect against turtle nest predation/turtle eggs/hatchlings on Skardon Beach- Mapoon. The predation rate will be reduced to a measurable/ amount by conducting a turtle monitoring survey in the turtle season 2017 - August to November under the WCTTA / NTO project . The long term risk of doing nothing is not an option – we will lose this important turtle nesting beach to 100% predation

Improvements in delivery of the 2017 turtle monitoring and protection program on Skardon Beach will include:
• Additional aerial shoot to target Skardon Beach pre-nesting season (to be determined, funding available through State Government NRM/ Cape York NRM);- WCTTA Report
• An increase in monitoring effort to account for reduced effort in 2016 nesting season (to be determined)
• We will increase voluntary hunting of feral pigs by local indigenous hunters living in the Mapoon Community

Project location

Data and Resources


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