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14 May 2014



Strategic Pest Management 2013-14

Project summary

This project delivered strategic and coordinated pest management actions to reduce the impacts of invasive species on the natural, agricultural and cultural values of Cape York. The project implemented landscape scale containment and control of specific invasive weed and vertebrate pest animal populations on Cape York through improved prevention, response capacity, surveillance and detection of weeds, an aerial feral animal baiting program targeting central Cape York and help to establish a better baseline to monitor emerging pest and weed problems. 

Project activities included:

  • Consolidating existing mapping to support improved on ground project management and technical advice;
  • Maintenance of Rubber Vine containment lines and control of pond apple, hymenachne, and where possible, sicklepod;
  • Prevented the establishment and spread of new incursions of targeted species;
  • Co-ordinated & implemented 100 000 ha of vertebrate (dogs and pigs) pest animal control, post wet season, in central Cape York;
  • Worked with Cape York NRM, FNQROC, ROCCY and Local government to support reviewing updating, where necessary, the Regional Pest Management Plan;
  • Worked with Cape York NRM, landholders, Landcare facilitator and ranger programs where appropriate to implement a task force approach to the control of weeds on properties engaged in Sustainable Agriculture program that benefit threatened species;
  • Supported and contributed to an improved monitoring information system for pest management;
  • Reported on works completed and submit data to Cape York NRM.

Project location

Data and Resources


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