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23 Nov 2016



Strategic Hymenachne Eradication Program 2016-2017

Project summary

This project contains and reduces the further spread of established Hymenachne in the Normanby and Annan catchments through control works and mapping of treated areas. It includes negotiation of control works with relevant land managers by further surveying of existing infestations and implementation of appropriate control measures, mapping and photo points of treated areas and provision of these data sets.

Control works will include foliar spraying and hand pulling in the more sensitive areas, with the use of photo recording mapping of all control areas. Photo points will continue to be monitored, enabling results over the 11 year period to be compared.  

This project maintains control work already undertaken over the past 11 years. Hymenachne threatens Magpie Geese, Cooktown Gecko and other water birds. Hymenachne also impacts water quality and restricts natural water flows. The project will build upon work already undertaken and ensure further encouragement for the return of biodiversity in our unique environment. The project also provides ongoing education and encourages people to look after the unique area and its strong cultural values.

This project is part the ‘Maintaining the reduction of vertebrate pests and weeds on Cape York: Strategic targeted control of high priority regional pests and weeds’ Project through the Queensland Regional Natural Resource Management Investment Program for 2016-2017.

Project location

Data and Resources


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