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13 Dec 2017



Rubber Vine Control, Maintaining the Established Lukin River Containment Area

Project summary

Rubber vine's ability to quickly spread and colonise areas makes it a threat to many areas of northern Australia. This project continues on previous works on the Lukin River containmnet area to further contain rubber vine. The main objectives of this project included:

• Prioritise any new infestation in the north general region of the Lukin River, whenever practical and/or notifying appropriate stakeholders of its presence north of the established containment area.
• Control Rubber Vine along the Lukin River area, targeting its source infestation up river and moving systematically down river. When resources allow, investigate and documentation its lower infestation and incorporate into future planning to halt its march down river.
• Establish strong legacy by ensuring local Traditional Owners are empowered with resources, technical expertise, project details to date and leadership of project in order to champion land management in their “country”.

This project is part the ‘Maintaining the reduction of vertebrate pests and weeds on Cape York: Strategic targeted control of high priority regional pests and weeds’ Project through the Queensland Regional Natural Resource Management Investment Program for 2017-2018

Project location

Data and Resources


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