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25 Sep 2015



Pig Migration and Population Dynamics Research Plan

Project summary

As part of Cape York NRM’s ‘Reducing Predation on Marine Turtle Nests in Western Cape York’ funded through the Nest to Ocean Turtle Protection Program, Landline Consulting will develop a research plan to investigate the movement of feral pigs in the area around Napranum and Mapoon in Cape York. The goal of the research is to identify cost-effective control programs to reduce reinvasion of coastal areas by feral pigs and thereby reduce the need for aerial culls, it is important to improve our knowledge of pig populations and appropriate management units in western Cape York.  

This activity involved engagement and consultation with Indigenous Rangers, Traditional Owners, local government and other land holders as required to seek their support and participation for such research.  Working closely with Indigenous Ranger groups at all stages of planning, field work and data collection is essential as their knowledge and guidance will help keep project goals achievable and realistic. Knowledge of country from Rangers will also determine the location and timing of the research activities. 

Project location

Data and Resources


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