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03 Apr 2017


National Indigenous Fire Workshop 2017 Facilitation and Delivery support

Project summary

The 2017 National Indigenous Fire Workshop will be hosted by the Balnggarrawarra Gaarraay Traditional Owners at Melsonby, Cape York July 3rd- 7th 2017.

The workshop will be bringing communities together Australia wide to learn and share traditional burning techniques in various ecosystems on Cape York.  This will be the ninth workshop and will be delivering one of the most successful Indigenous teaching workshops to assist with community cultural fire and ranger programs. 

This year we will have the workshop at Melsonby.  We are hosting the workshop there to assist the Melsonby Rangers, and other surrounding ranger groups with their fire management operations on their homelands.  The workshop will follow the tradition of running four workshops per day for the participants.  The workshops involve, plant and bush medicines, fire monitoring and research, traditional fire management, cultural workshop including weaving and other traditional hand craft skills.  There will also be night entertainment, live bands, presentations, and films for the participants in the evenings.      

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