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02 Dec 2015



Mount Louis Station weed reduction/eradication program

Project summary

Mt Louis Station is committed to the eradication of weeds on the property, with specific emphasis on the reduction of weeds in the streams and waterways. The property is situated next to a coastal environment and high water quality aids a healthy reef environment, along with healthy land based ecosystems.

Mt Louis has been working for many years to prevent outbreaks of weeds in clean areas and eradicate current weed infestations from the property. Clean waterways and streams are vital to a healthy environment. The adoption of sustainable management practices will greatly impact and improve both short term and long term productivity.

Mount Louis Station is expecting to deliver the following natural resource management activities;

  • Maintain and improve our local ecosystem through sustainable management of our local landscape
  • Adopt practices that improve the quality and increase long term returns through better management
  • Improve water quality
  • Reduce noxious weeds and improve pest management
  • Improve pasture and soil condition
  • Reduce erosion
  • Develop a pest management plan which incorporates seasonal approaches
  • Conduct regular property surveys, monitoring and mapping to assist with an early detection system for pest species

The expected project activities and outcomes will be monitored by a number of methods including but not limited to; property inspections, photo points, data collection, GPS location, mapping and survey.

Project location

Data and Resources


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