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24 Oct 2017



Lukin Rubber Vine Control Yarraden 2017

Project summary

Rubber vine decreases biodiversity and prevents access to both stock and native animals. It generally invades waterways first, where the seeds germinate in moist silt layers after rain.

This Rubber Vine Control project continued to carry out the established efforts to contain the Rubber Vine threat by the method of spraying the rubber vine on Lukin River on Yarraden Station. This project ran in partnership with Willstock Cattle and Wunthulpu Aboriginal Land Trust. 

Activities included 10 days of Rubber Vine Control along the Lukin River on Yarraden Station, targeting its source of infestation up river and moving systematically down. Plants found were concentrated  along the river and minimal plants were found on some offshoots of the main river track. Each area which has been treated has reduced significantly from previous years. 

This project is part the ‘Maintaining the reduction of vertebrate pests and weeds on Cape York: Strategic targeted control of high priority regional pests and weeds’ Project through the Queensland Regional Natural Resource Management Investment Program for 2017-2018

Project location

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