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19 Oct 2015



Lukin Rubber Vine Control Yarraden 2015

Project summary

This Rubber Vine Control project has continued to carry out the established efforts to contain the Rubber Vine threat to by the method of spraying the rubber vine on Lukin River on Yarraden Station also carried out in 2014. This project included 20 days of on-ground control works in conjunction with the Rubber Vine Control project contracted to Wunthulpa Aboriginal Land Trust. 

Project activities included:

  • Prioritising any new infestation in the Yarraden Station region of the Lukin River- no further infestestations were found during this project scope
  • Preventing the establishment and spread of new incursions of targeted species by controlling Rubber Vine along the Lukin River area, targeting its source infestation up river and moving systematically down river.  
  • Working with Cape York NRM, Wunthulpa Aboriginal Land Trust, Ayapathu Rangers and other stakeholders to carry out on ground works 
  • Collecting data to update existing mapping for Rubber Vine infestations and control areas

Support for this project was also provided by Cape York NRM for Technical Expertise (GIS Mapping, Data collection, mentoring and assistance with implementation. 

Project location

Data and Resources


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