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26 Mar 2013



King's Plains Fire Management Project

Project summary

This project sought to contract Mulong Pty Ltd to conduct a series of fire management activities on King’s Plains. The project had a dual aim of building Indigenous fire knowledge into land management and improving rural livelihoods. 

This project was a follow up project for Daryl and Linda Paradise, managers of Kings Plain cattle station, for the restoration of country through traditional fire management techniques. Darryl Paradise had already committed to introducing traditional fire management techniques to improve the quality of the native species on his property. Like many landholders in Cape York, Darryl and Linda were coming to a brick wall in terms of the ability to continue their grazing prospects due to the overtaking of weeds and exotic grasses not suited to grazing cattle. After holding the 2012 Indigenous Fire Workshop on the property, Darryl had agreed to a number of trials on his property using traditional fire methods that had already begun from the previous workshop. 

It was deemed crucial that these trials were followed up and continued to be documented as it was seen as a turning point for better farming practices and evidence for controlling contemporary weed and native resource problems that fronted communities and indivuduals through out Cape York and Australia. The trials involved a number of tasks that were necessary to follow up on the important project. 

Project location

Data and Resources


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