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11 Jul 2019



Kickstarting action carbon, culture, ecology and economies in Cape York

Project summary

Kickstarting action carbon, culture, ecology, and economies in Cape York was a pilot project funded by the Queensland Government's Land Restoration Fund. The project, based in the Normanby River catchment, investigated opportunities for a carbon farming project that included co-benefits.

  • Background

    The Normanby basin contains a considerable number of cultural and biodiversity assets that would benefit from a regionally coordinated approach to fire management. Regional management plans identify the need for a catchment-wide coordinated approach to fire management with an aim to reduce late season wildfire and reduce the impact on Country.

  • Project activities

    Summary of the activities undertaken:

    • Hosting of a regional fire forum.
    • Training Rangers in fire management.
    • Documentation of cultural values associated with fire management.
    • Exploring options for co-benefits verification.
    • Training Rangers in carbon assessment techniques in coastal littoral rainforest regions.
    • Identify threats and develop recommendations for the management of coastal littoral rainforest and associated communities.
    • Development of a sub-regional fire plan for Normanby basin.
    • Development of a feasibility report for an aggregated carbon with co-benefits project for the Normanby basin.

Project location

Data and Resources


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