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15 Jul 2016



Jardine Wetlands Angkamuthi Cultural Heritage Map

Project summary

There is a significant amount of data recoded since the 1970’s on the Jardine River flora and fauna and collection of baseline data for the Jardine River Wetlands Area which has been reviewed and mapped periodically since and there is some current research by ecologists in the region into endangered species.

However there is no recognition of any significant Aboriginal cultural heritage sites, stories, connections, travel paths, camps, hunting grounds, language names of places and natural features etc. and there is no recording or documentation of this held by the current traditional owners specific to Angkamuthi Clans (Seven Rivers people).

The Angkamuthi clan aim to connect the younger generation of Angkamuthi members with their homelands so that they become more involved with land management and understand the value of their cultural heritage, developing a greater interest to protect the local environment inclusive of the wetlands.

The elders of Angkamuthi clan aim to share their knowledge with the clan and this project so it can be documented and retained to be shared with future generations, researchers, visitors, residents and tourists.

The region is at risk of losing its cultural heritage knowledge on the Jardine Wetlands as our elders are very few now, sites of cultural significance are at risk of being disturbed by tourists, researchers and locals as previously closed areas are now becoming more accessible due to less rain, increased fires, reduced folage and increased adventure hunters.

A key focus on 3 main areas that are located on Angkamuthi Land

  • Jadine Swamps 
  • Biffan Swamp
  • Sanamere Creek and Lagoon.

Angkamuthi clan members will skill themselves up through training in Cultural Heritage Surveying and Mapping and spend weekends/holidays locating significant cultural sites and items on country, their findings will be documented and recorded. 

As sites/items are surveyed work will commence on a Cultural Heritage Management Plan immediately acknowledging each site so that current researchers and persons connected to the area become aware of the significance and respond according to the management plan.

  1. Cultural Heritage survey of the Jardine Wetlands encompassed in Angkamuthi homelands – resulting in a Cultural Heritage map
  2. Cultural Heritage Management Plan for items detailed in the survey
  3. Recording of Water Related Stories regarding the Jardine Wetlands area

Project location

Data and Resources


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