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16 Feb 2017



Integrating climate change knowledge into fine-scale management planning

Project summary

Climate change is already impacting the places and people of Cape York. We can reasonably expect ongoing and substantial changes in the region as a consequence of climate change, including rising sea levels, higher average temperatures, hotter, longer periods of extreme heat, and more intense heavy rainfall events. These projected changes will affect how people live, plan and manage on Cape York. Furthermore, the numbers, distribution and behaviours of many plant and animal species are likely to change in response to projected climate change and this will have pervasive consequences for cultural practice and transmission, as well as how natural systems are managed. By developing understanding of the implications of climate change and critical needs for adaptation, Cape York communities have the chance to adapt in an informed, organised way, and to strategically target funding and other support for action that improves resilience and sustainability in the face of climate change.

This work will use knowledge about current and projected climate change in the Cape York region to develop a more specific understanding of the consequences for sustainable management of country in the region. The project will aim to work with groups and communities with existing relationships with Cape York NRM that have expressed concerns or interest in relation to climate change impacts and are involved in implementing action on the ground. Up to five groups will be involved in this initial project.

This project will also work towards further informing and developing the Cape York NRM adaptation pathway targets. 

Project location

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