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09 Sep 2016



Improving fire management and developing monitoring systems for Fire on the East Coast

Project summary

Mulong Pty Ltd will provide training and mentoring in Traditional Ecological Knowledge with Indigenous and non-Indigenous land managers in East Coast catchments on fire management practices. This training will include mapping and monitoring training with four Indigenous organisations, development of relevant monitoring tools for East Coast fire management and data collection to document on-ground management.

Monitoring tools through the Fulcrum app. will be developed and used during this project. The established on-ground Fire Management program will be monitored into the future and implement on-ground Water quality monitoring sites pilot for the 2016-2017 wet season.

Cape York NRM will develop case studies of these projects and land manager profiles with four Indigenous organisations involved in these fire management projects in priority catchments.

The outcomes from this project work towards improving systems for monitoring water quality in Cape York east coast flowing catchments marine receiving waters. 

Project location

Data and Resources


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