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14 May 2013



Fencing of Riparian Vegetation and Billabong Wetland

Project summary

This project was targeted to improve the water quality of Cameron Creek, part of the Endeavour River system, and the Billabong Wetland. This also assisted in protecting the rare and endemic Livistona concinna (Cooktown fan palm), and ecology of surrounding forest and wetland.
Fencing the outskirts of riparian vegetation and wetlands guaranteed conservation and preservation of these areas for generations to come. 

The project’s key activities assisted in:

  • The preservation of Riparian vegetation and Billabong Wetland.
  • Preventing hard hoofed feral animals and stock from entering waterways, wetlands and property.
  • Improving the erosion control of Cameron Creek and the Billabong.
  • Stopping the spread of weeds onto and throughout the property.

The project’s key activities included:

  • The clearing of fence lines to maintain their structural integrity;
  • Incorporating a firebreak into the fence line, which would be regularly maintained to reduce the possibility of fire damage to fences and conservation areas;
  • The construction and erecting of posts, assemblies and fence lines that followed the natural lines of the forest vegetation and wetland;
  • Ensuring flood fencing was used in particular areas that are prone to flooding in order to maintain the fences structural integrity and strength during the wet season.

The responsibility of construction and upkeep fell upon the property owner- Terrence Rayner

Project location

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