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08 Nov 2013



Engaging Normanby sub-region communities in 'Your Climate' NRM Planning

Project summary

Cape York NRM has adapted a socio-ecological systems approach towards development of an NRM plan that considers the distinctive cultural landscapes of Cape York. Ongoing community consultation confirmed that it was 'time for implementation' hence the process involved learning by doing consultation strategies, integrating current synthesised studies, and recent environmental accounts conducted on Cape York. Outcomes were: an adaptive planning approach that produced community engagement in building a multi-media atlas that included tools for ongoing monitoring against environmental accounts; a compendium of planning, research and case studies highlighting available information and practice in adapting to climate change.

Principles for the Regional NRM Planning for Climate Change Fund:

  1. Plans identify priority landscapes for carbon plantings and strategies to build landscape integrity and guide adaptation and mitigation actions to address climate change impacts on natural ecosystems;
  2. The planning process is logical, comprehensive, and transparent;
  3. Plans use best available information to develop actions and are based on collaboration with government, community and other stakeholders.

Community Engagement:
Engaged Normanby sub-region communities and Laura, Cooktown, Hopevale and Lakeland schools.
Delivered engaging Normanby communities in your climate NRM planning outlined in the milestones activities, Schedule 3

Funded by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPAC)(former)

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