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27 Jun 2017



EC mapping program to improve soil mapping suitability in Lakeland Region

Project summary

A large portion of soils within the region are mapped at 1:900,00 scale that are not considered suitable for agricultural development particularly for complicated hazard assessments including landform, slope and variation due to soil type (e.g. erodibility, infiltration rates, soil water holding capacity. For this analysis to be meaningful the scale of soil mapping would need to be improved from 1:900,000 to 1:25:000 for all lands that have been identified as suitable for intensive agricultural development.
EC Mapping and analysis has been used successfully in many agricultural regions to map locations of soil boundaries indicative of changes to both chemical and physical properties. This proposal is for the collection EC Mapping, elevation data on 300 hectares of land designated for high intensity agriculture in the Cape York region. The proposal will also include providing education and feedback to relevant stakeholders.

Project location

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