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22 Aug 2014



Development of a Carbon Prioritisation Spatial Framework

Project summary

This project facilitates and develops a carbon prioritisation spatial framework for Cape York now and into the future. The project uses existing models, such as those being used by April Reside and Bob Pressey of James Cook University, and adapts and populates them with data for Cape York. The data might include fire, soils, vegetation, wetlands, culture, management regimes and land use. The project aim is to model different outcomes for Cape York based on different, mostly policy, scenarios. A number of maps reveal different opportunities based on different settings. The project is ambitious and evolves with new data and modelling approaches.

This project contributes to the Cape York NRM planning process, especially Principle 1 of the Stream 1 Regional NRM Planning for Climate Change Project. The outcomes of the project produce information and tools that are included in a multi media atlas of Cape York. In turn, the Atlas helps to raise awareness in the community of the types of climate change adaptation and mitigation opportunities available on Cape York.

Project location

Data and Resources


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