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22 Jan 2014



Development and Management of Cape York NRM Knowledge Systems

Project summary

Cape York NRM has been funded to deliver on a range of projects that have substantial digital information components. A foundation of these projects is the development and maintenance of a digital multimedia portal for Cape York. This portal is being used as an engagement tool for partners and NRM stakeholders on Cape York and the wider NRM community. The Atlas Portal also serves reporting functions for Cape York NRM and as a database for community monitoring. Cape York NRM has undertaken a thorough process of consultation and investigation around the technical and operational solutions that might be most relevant to Cape York NRM's resources and requirements. With this background research in hand, Cape York NRM has begun building and implementing this portal and Atlas.

Implementation is involves an intelligent combination of solution strategies that can engage a wide range of partners and land managers on Cape York and across neighbouring regions. The Cape York NRM team are focusing effort in a set of platforms, including Google Apps Productivity Suite, the Cape York NRM Website, the Australian Government’s MERIT framework, NAFI, Land Manager, the Living Knowledge Place, ALA and Zotero. Cape York NRM is focusing on integration and adaptation of available platforms, which require Cape York NRM to be active participants in shaping and developing their information systems. Developing and deploying a multi-layered knowledge system requires engagement with a number of specialist providers, including the developers and owners of these platforms.
Cape York NRM has contracted a Chief Technical Officer, John Brisbin of Boab Interactive, to support the development and maintenance of its knowledge systems. The responsibility of the CTO is to:

  1. Provide project management support to develop and deploy specialised information systems to ensure that the systems and solutions as delivered meet Cape York NRM requirements and represent the expected value for money. The core responsibility is contract negotiation, project management, and technical integration of all stakeholder-facing online facilities for Cape York NRM. 
  2. Provide the services of a solutions architect, to continuously update a centralised, coherent view of how the technology is woven together to deliver a useful, cost-effective outcome. Where practical, the CTO will develop and deliver integration solutions directly.

Project funded by Dept of sustainability, environment, water, population and communities (SEWPAC) (former)

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