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03 Jun 2013



Coen Collaboration Land Management Project

Project summary

This project was a joint collaboration, initiated by Nyacha Kumopinta Aboriginal Corporation, Lochinvar Station and the relevant TO’s within this area whose desires were to see viable, robust and mutually beneficial relationships; working to achieve practical outcomes whilst delivering significant environmental and social benefits. 

This project worked in collaboration with several organisations and Indigenous groups, including Lochinvar Station, Nyacha Kumapinta Aboriginal Corporation, Oyola Thumotang Land Trustm, Meripah Station (ILC), and KULLA Land Trust (Aboriginal Freehold and CYPAL), and Wik Mungkan and Mungkan Traditional Owners.

Coen Collaboration Land Management Project Activities Included:

  • The engagement of legal experts to provide advice on technical aspects and negotiate outcomes to develop a Cooperation Agreement on behalf of the traditional owners and pastoralists.
  • Reduing the population of feral cattle to a sustainable level through a combination of fencing and mustering on CYPAL land, 
  • Improving access to particular areas so that further mustering and preservation could take place on biologically and culturally significant country. 

The project outcomes included: 

  • The repatriation of working relationships between aboriginal people and pastoralists in the area, bringing each other together to help maintain and improve knowledge sharing, creating an open space for knowledge 
  • An exchange of knowledge and information between generations and across cultural boundaries. 
  • The reduction of feral cattle to improve the conservation of native flora and fauna, and aid in the preservation of culturally significant sites within the project areas. 
  • The improvement of access to areas for mustering and preservation of ecologically and culturally significant country

The project operated through a partnerships agreement (MOU) between Lochinvar Station and relevant aboriginal clans.

Project location

Data and Resources


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